Fifth Sunday of Lent — I Believe in God

Each Sunday of Lent, Fr. Patrick Briscoe provides a video reflection to help prepare for the upcoming week.

To profess our faith is to say we are more than just emotionally connected to our beliefs. Professing our faith is stating how the teachings of the Church have been woven into the fabric of our lives, bringing us to surrender everything to the Lord. No one proves this to be more true than the Catholic martyrs who give their lives to the Lord in a very literal way — dying in complete confidence of who God is and what He has allowed to take place. Do you have complete confidence in God? Take time this week to reflect on the Creed. Consider in what ways you do, or do not, carry these truths as the focus of your daily life, and how you may begin to surrender even more deeply to Him.  

Each day during Lent, you will receive an email with the day’s written reflection, prayer, and action item. We are glad to have you join us on this journey of surrender, and pray you will be deeply blessed this Lenten season.

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